Live at NEUBAD, Lucerne, Switzerland


"First impressions are important, though often times they can be very misleading and/or disappointing. Such is not the case when it came to listening and to meeting Fredy Studer.

It was Fredy's page in the Paiste Artist Profiles Book that first caught my attention as a young player. Sure there were plenty of drummers sporting big drum kits with lots of cymbals, gongs and sound sources, but it was the combination of Fredy's tiny 'bop' kit, peppered with an array of cymbals and a wall of gongs that attracted me - I knew he had something different to say rhythmically and musically. The first recording I sought out and heard was OM, and from that point on, I was a fan for life.

Meeting Fredy is an amazing experience. Speaking with him, watching him work and listening to him play, you realize straight away that this is no ordinary person or player. He sees and hears things differently, and it doesn't take long before you do too. Whether it's designing new cymbals for Paiste or creating new sounds on his kit, music and art always comes first, and always comes with integrity.

While recording in the South of France, I took the opportunity to visit Fredy at his home in Lucerne, Switzerland - the perfect setting to spend an afternoon with a true artist and visionary."

This is the introduction for the interview with FREDY STUDER by Grammy-award winning drummer JONATHAN MOVER (Aretha Franklin, Alice Cooper, Mick Jagger, Beastie Boys) and chief editor of the Los Angeles based Drum Magazine DRUMHEAD. To read the whole interview from the July/August issue of DRUMHEAD just click on the cover to the left.